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Saturday, April 16th 2016

4:00 PM

Let's See - Bravenet nearly deleted me.

  • Mood: My Eyes Are Burning
  • Music: Baroque from 1.fm
  • Weather: Pretty Nice
  • Brain Storms: Stupid People make my brain hurt.

Saturday, April 16, 2016 --- 12˚C / 54˚F @3 :49 pm with over bright sun light, clear air and very blue skies, but the grass is very brown today in Atlantic Canada ---

Looks like they've changed a few things here. I think I remember reading somewhere that somebody took over bravenet. and I keep seeing evidence that something is coming in from a dot ru server and slowing things down when one of the pages with a bravenet counter is loading.

It looks like you can't change the automatic text colour and expect that to become default.

And ebay just offered to help me find that perfect gift for mom.

(She's been adjusting to her life in the invisible realm since this time last week.)


----- T.R.


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Wednesday, April 16th 2008

8:17 AM

Uh, Canada 'will sit out' the recession

  • Mood: optimistic
  • Music: Jethro Tull
  • Weather: Sunny & clear (+2˚C/36˚F)
  • Brain Storms: Nope, brain dead since the weekend.

(That was a headline on the front page of the 'business & technology' section of the ottawa citizen.)

I've been noticing that I get some of my best ideas (or my favourites?) while I'm walking around doing mindless work....(with my brain like dis-engaged from what I was doing, but being just watchful enough so I don't walk into walls of slip on banana peels or anything like that.)
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Monday, April 14th 2008

5:22 PM

It's been a while....

  • Mood: Pretty darned good
  • Music: Stuff in my head that no one else hears?
  • Weather: Pretty nice, cool, but clear
  • Brain Storms: Nope, brain dead since the weekend.
Yeah, Sorry I've been inactive so long. (well, I haven't been all that active here.)

I became a Canadian Citizen last December (2007) (Dual US-Canadian Citizen).

Yes, my sister Diane died over a year ago now. I've dreamed she's talked to me while I was dreaming. (is that too redundant?) I think most of my relativess who have 'passed over' check in from time to time and I believe that at least some of the conversations and contact we have in dreams is the real thing. Some is pure nonsense, but some of it is real.

I feel like I'm still part of Captain Canuck's ring whether he's hyper active here or not.

Oh, and we have a dog (a black Lab named "Jassper" who needs a walk- I better go now.

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Friday, December 7th 2007

11:25 PM

Yay, I'm a Citizen!

  • Mood: pretty danged good!
  • Music: Led Zeppelin stuck in my head
  • Weather: Dark and cold, lots of snow out there.
  • Brain Storms: Judge Cockburn swore me in, he looks a bit like Bruce.
I'm a dual citizen now.

I was sworn in yesterday in Ottawa and spent way too much time since that trying to get into this blog.

(we also sttopped off on the way home and adopted a 5  month old (soon to be huge) Labrador mix puppy who they were calling Jake but who seems to like being a Jasper better than a Jake.)

When Cathi asked the boy today how his day at school was he shrugged, "-eh" when she what people said when he told them we went to see me sworn in as a citizen yesterday he said he didn't really tell anybody, but he did tell everybody he got a dog.

So I guess all things are right with the universe.

The boy got some goodies from the museum of science while we were killing time. so his acquisition of a piece of galena and a fossilized dinosaur tooth probably rank highest in his dayly achievements, getting the dog is probably second and not going to school is probably at least third, seeing me sworn in as a citizen is probably way down the bottom of the list somewhere.

like I said,

things are right with the universe
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Monday, March 19th 2007

5:41 AM

Good Morning- It's a Monday...

  • Mood: Optimistic (really)
  • Music: Weather Network Snarr
  • Weather: -14˚C (8˚F?) Snow (1-3 cm) later
  • Brain Storms: none, brain isn't awake yet. :)
-Haven't given an update on my sister lately.

-She's been so good she was talking about taking a trip to Alaska to visit family there sometime over the summer.

-But then she had a couple reversals and now she's back on more pain medication and while she's happy to talk on the phone to some people, she's so loopy she can't hold an idea in her mind long enough  to finish a complicated sentence.

-"I love you." "Yeah, I love you, too-" is fine, longer stuff- well, she sounds like she starts out to say something but gets lost, and keeps on talking anyway. So you get fragments of two or three thoughts- and that's sad.

But she's still with us. And I think that by the time she leaves, everybody around us will know that it is her time to go and be reunited with her daughter (who died of smoke inhalation in a house fire almost eleven years ago now.)

Sorry I'm not very upbeat this morning- Hang in there, If you're praying for her or us, Thanks- don't stop now-

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Saturday, March 10th 2007

10:20 AM

Saturday - Freezing rain - & our modem is giving up the ghost

  • Mood: Slight Ear Ache
  • Music: Another one bites the dust
  • Weather: Freezing Rain (Warmth Coming!)
  • Brain Storms: I better post this while I can
Good Morning- My still photos are cycling behind the local cable bulletin board

-And I haven't been able to sign on and do much on the internet lately because the ancient modem is kaput and only once in a great while actually works.

So I'm wondering how many people actually like (Or even really love) their job(s).

And I have to go out in the freezing rain and shoot some more still photos for the bulletin board

---And have a great day.


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Friday, February 23rd 2007

5:41 PM

I Start Work Monday :)

  • Mood: optimistic
  • Music: Theme Music from a computer game
  • Weather: Damp, -9˚C (Feels like -18˚C)
  • Brain Storms: nahhh- brain exploded long time ago.
Friday, 23 February, 2007

Last night, Cathi said something like, "None of your bravenet friends know you got the job, do they?"


Well- It's only been a short whirlwind of a time since I found out, myself, and I had to fill out a form and mail it back within like three days....

But hey- I start work on Monday!  Woo hooo-

On other fronts....

---Somebody on Coast to Coast A.M. last night said, "Psychic vampires are people who demand all of your attention whether they have anything interesting to tell you or not."

- and, "The funny thing is, a lot of the time, these are good people." "or, at least they believe they're good people..."

But anyway.

Woo Hoo and a half....


Have a great weekend-

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Sunday, February 18th 2007

10:03 PM

February - Mercury Retrograde.

  • Mood: Hopeful
  • Music: Stuff I think I'll have available in my own computer game if I get that finished.
  • Weather: -16˚C with a -28˚C wind chill
  • Brain Storms: I came up with an idea that would give the kind of people who want to wreck everybody else's on line gaming fun an extremely bad time.

Mercury Retrograde = Anything that can go wrong with communications will go wrong - & short trips will prove to be minor disasters (& G.W. Bush stole that first presidential "election" of his in the year 2000 while merc was retro...)

Mercury started moonwalking backward across the sky on Late Last Tuesday at something like 11:32 AM Eastern Time (February 13th for most of us, it was like, uh, 12:32 AM Wednesday in the Atlantic Provices and 1:02 AM in Newfie Land. )

Things will be squirrelly until 11:40 PM (Eastern Time) on Wednesday, March 7, 2007.

( & My sister's still alive, I dreamed she was very happy to sleep in a real bed, not the hospital bed, for a change. I really gotta call her- tomorrow morning-

& It may be too soon to tell, but I think I will have the job as the part time Cable Video Producer here in town.

---So lots of things are looking up.

We have been playing a free on line "MMOPRG" game you can download (if you have a spiffy new computer with lots of speed and a great connection...) at www.prairiegrames.com 

& To Captain Canuck & Company Thank you for you encouragement- You have been GREAT friends, here. )


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Monday, January 22nd 2007

8:34 AM

Asperger's Insight?

  • Mood:
  • Music:
  • Weather:
  • Brain Storms: Maybe, if I get the job producing video for the cable company, we can get some good stuff out there about Aspergers----
I should start by reminding everybody that the Boy is 10 years old, almost ten and a half. Parts of him are incredibly precocious, but, due to his Apserger's  Syndrome- his social skills, and his understanding about loads of things that most of us take for granted... are quite the opposite of precocious.

Uhm, Last week, one of the days when I was frazzled to begin with, the Boy started throwing things and snorting at the kids' computer while his mother was trying to sleep about a foot away from him, I had visions of something hard winging its way over or around the computer screen and over the back of the couch and wacking her in the head while she was trying to enjoy a much deserved nap.

I began quietly suggesting that he calm down, he started yelling at me. Instead of giving him his fifth lecture that week about talking back to adults (which he claims is a concept he just does not understand- and that gets complicated. He might not understand it at all and think we're trying to punish him 'for nothing!' like he shrieks at us when I ask him if he knows why we sent him up stairs to his room to chill when he's tantrum-ing... or it may be a ploy to try to get out of another punishment. He can produce tears when he wants to, he can lie convincingly (Not always- but he has been able to pull it off) & fer instance, in a game with his behaviour specialist, he proudly bragged that he's faked being sick to have himself sent home from school when he didn't want to do something there.)  Anyway---

As things accelerated, and more things were being thrown at the ground and around the room, I asked hiim how long he'd been on the computer (he gets a 'free' half hour a day, extra time has to be earned by doing chores) and he started screaming that he didn't know. I had a pretty good idea that he'd been there between an hour and an hour and a half. I told hiim he was out of 'chips' and he should shut down the computer-  He threw another handful of whatever was handy at the floor and said he wasn't going to shut it down, he was going to leave it on. actually, he shrieked that at me.

Being shrieked at in defiance was the last straw, I told him to go up to his room. He shrieked something else, I said, in a very firm voice, that if he was going to be like that he could spend the rest of the evening in his room thinking about things.

His mother woke up. she, partially dazed and not happy with being awakened by a shriek fest told me I was being too harsh.

My brain short circuited (I don't believe in showing any signs that she and I are anything but 100% in agreement when it comes to discipline & it throws me for a loop when he's acting up and she yells at me for trying to do something about that. big issue with me- He runs into me in a store and yells at me, she turns around and yells at me too. He tries to run around me to get next to her, stops dead an inch in front of the supermarket carriage I'm pushing, I can't stop in time. she thinks I run into hiim on purpose, he yells at me, and she yells at me. And the couple times when he's done things like that when I know she can't help but see the whole thing, she says she didn't see it. -eh- It makes me really feel like, "Why do I keep trying?")

Okay, so anyway. Boy shuts down the computer and stomps up the stairs. He slams his door (which he broke, slamming it before) and then starts throwing things at his door from the inside. I walk halfway  up the stairs and yell, "If you throw one more thing, you will hand us all your game boys-"

He shouts back, "You're being too harsh!" (I think, he's just heard the word a minute or so ago and probably has no idea what it means.)

But anyway- Things become quiet and his mother can sigh and sink back into her much needed, much deserved nap.

I'm feeling agitated, I'm wondering if I had used too loud a tone of voice after he initially ignored me. I'm wondering if I had been too harsh- I sigh, plop down in the recliner and pray for guidance... insight, anything....

Maybe half an hour later, the boy loudly opens his door and snarls, "So when do I get to get out of my room?!"

I call up to him, "That depends, why did we send you up there?"

"I don't know----"

"Okay, then I guess you have to think about it a bit longer-"

He groans and the door slams shut.

I wince and get up,  climb the stairs, knock on his door, open it a crack, ask him, "Can I come in?"

He snarls, "No-"

"Okay," I  shrug, "If I can't come in, I guess you can stay there all night."

"Okay," he groans, "You can come in."

"So why do you think I sent you to your room?"

His eyes fill with tears and he yells, "For no reason!"

""Um, What do you think  I  thought you were doing wrong?"

"I don't know- ------"

So I sighed, "Okay, here- two examples, in one a father says, "That's innapropriate-" in another he says, "How stupid can you be? you have to be an idiot to do something like that!"  Which one is the more rude?"

He laughs and says,  "the second one."

"Okay, another example: A boy  is told to do something that he doesn't want to do; one, he says, (in a quiet, even tone) "But I don't like doing that-" two, he says (in a tone that most people would call derisive, almost to point of being abusive), "NO!!!!!!!!!"  which one is the more rude?"

"The first one-" he's serious.


"Because it has more words."

It really doesn't register that the second tone of voice was way "over the top".

Woa. I'm taken aback again.

"Okay, so are you ready to go back downstairs and be nice and quiet and let your mom sleep?"

"I can try-"

I nod, "That's the best you can do- is to try."

When we get downstairs, I ask him, "Okay, do you want to apologize to your mother?"

He looks like he's about to panic, "No-"

"Um, how about you whisper in her ear that you'll try not to make any more noise  so she can get some rest, she'd like that-"

He shakes his head, "I don't like apologizing-"

I think that nobody likes apologizing, it probably has to be done, but if I force him to do that we'll have another melt down and we'll have another loud confrontation and his Mom will have another rude interruption... so I hope that maybe the concept that he might have to apologize for rude behaviouor will seep into his conciousness, and maybe next time....?

Okay, he goes and does a couple chores and earns himself another half hour on the computer, and sits there with expensive head phones that his biological father bought him (the boy has more disposable income than his mom and I do  together- grumble grumble....) laughing very loudly at silly videos on You Tube.

And I plunk down in the recliner and wonder if anything I do or say does him  any good at all...

(help, help-)

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Friday, January 5th 2007

2:07 AM

Happy unblocked New Year

  • Mood: Frustrated
  • Music: Optimistic
  • Weather: Weird, Ottawa River isn't frozen yet.
  • Brain Storms: Her comes the future-
Sigh, okay- I've taken the  "You can't post here unless you 're listed as a friend-" snarr off the sight because it wouldn't let  friends post either. (grumble grumble)

So I guess I'm gonna have to be a bit more hyper vigilant here. groan.

The thing was, three spammers got through in 5 minutes.


Let's see if we're back to 'normal'.

On the positive side, I think this is going to be a good year for good people. Those of us who try to be nice will get a cosmic pat on the back. Those who seem to like saying only debilitating, negative stuff about anybody and everybody will get cosmic slaps in their faces, a lot.

I already feel better about this year than I did about the last few years while they were happening (except for the fact that I was with Cathi and that was Positive and reaffirming etc.). I'm still here, She's still here, and it feels like some limitations have evaporated.

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Tuesday, January 2nd 2007

12:27 AM

Happy New Year

  • Mood: optimistic
  • Music: Neil Young
  • Weather: Right around freezing
  • Brain Storms: Nope- brain's frozen
I think I just deleted my last entry when I tried to delete the comments.

Grumble grumble

Happy New Year!.
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Tuesday, December 26th 2006

12:26 AM

Merry Christmas - Happy Boxing Day

  • Mood: quietly festive
  • Music: surround sound
  • Weather: dark- expecting snow
  • Brain Storms: um, I think my brain is quietly resting and maybe even recuperating.

We had a quiet Christmas, Cathi made a very yummy dinner with a small Turkey and some yummy fixings.

We opened a couple presents and I think I drove Cathi slightly crazy playing dvds through a surround sound system that either Santa or the Cats gave us, I think from the wrapping job, it was probably the cats.  So Maybe it was Santa who brought us the very comfortable memory foam mattress topper. (I might even get to sleep a whole night without waking up in pain- first couple test runs have hinted that that might be the case. My Chiropractor will probably be very pleased. No- Cathi does not beat on me- it's arthritis that gives me the pain.)

I'm wearing a very comfortable flannel shirt and have a very nice light blue nanowrimo tee shirt.

Thank you to Robaloo  and Captain Canuck and everybody else who kept our spirits up with their wonderful Holiday Wishes.

Thanks again,

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Tuesday, December 19th 2006

1:26 PM

Things look bad for my sister- skip this and have a good Holiday Season

  • Mood: anxious
  • Music: inspire me, please
  • Weather: sunny and cool
  • Brain Storms: nope, brain dead-

Okay, we're at the free computers in the lobby of a motel in Springfield, Vermont, and I'm feeling really good that I can't hear the stupid 'type here and let me speak your message' ad.

My sister, Diane, is in the hospital with stage 4 Cancer growing through her lung and ribs, she's had a fever all the time we've been here, they just barely get it down to about 99 degrees F- Last night she almost ripped her IV out as she fought against her husband and daughter, determined to get home right then and there.

Her husband has put his life on hold and tells her he just want to do whatever she wants, and her daughter was just able to explain that if they get her home like she says she wants, there will not be 24/7 nursing care. it'll just be Roger (her husband) who hasn't slept in days...


so it isn't good.

And we're in the twilight zone-

Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement.

and Happy Holidays, huh- somebody has to keep the world going in a positive direction-



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Tuesday, November 28th 2006

4:13 AM

oh, yikes-

  • Mood:
  • Music: "We are all one" (Eric Burdon & the Animals?)
  • Weather: O˚C / 32˚F freezing rain is a possibility
  • Brain Storms: "If it ain't one thing, it's another-" Gilda Radner's Character on old saturday night live.
grumble grumble-

okay, so I went and got my kidney stone pulverized last tuesday.

And now my sister has cancer.

(Diane, middle sister, I have three)

Anybody who wants to pray for her or light candles or try do any form of positive spiritual healing is encouraged to do so.

Her name is Diane Blake (Diane Beverly Wellington Blake) (She's been calling herself "Diane Blake-French" but we're not sure anybody who doesn't know her and might want to pray for her, etc, could get there from here using that name.


And have a wonderful day, and night, and.... Have a wonderful life, you deserve it. we all do.

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Tuesday, November 7th 2006

5:29 AM

Election Day Down in the States

  • Mood: Look Out.....
  • Music: Handbags and Gladrags by Rod Steward (and I usually hate Rod Stewart)
  • Weather: Chilly and Dark 3˚C (38˚F?)
  • Brain Storms: "Human Rights pre-exist their articulation into Law" Whatsername at the Massey Lecture in Montreal, 2006
Yup- Election day down there in the smoke, where Psychics who have no connection to any political parties in the US have said something like, "Well, if the Republicans can't hijack the elections the way they did in 2000  and 2004, we should see some changes-"

I have a CD sent to me by my buddies at the radio station I used to work at, where-in a Green Party candidate (and a lawyer to boot) explained the evidence he had and others had been collecting, explaining just how the 2004 election was stolen by subterfuge and a bunch of sleezy dishonest creeps working for DIEBOLD. I should put that on my web site...

So anyway, I'm not holding my breath. I heard an speech in which George Dubbaya expressed confidence that loads of good republicans would rise to the challenge and prove the pollsters wrong, so maybe they're about to conduct another phony 'election' down there.

one fun idea, I think it was an astrologer (Dr Lusi Turi?) who said something along the lines of "But the aspects are turning on them and there will be hell to pay when (I think it was Pluto) some cosmic force blew the lid off their conspiracy.

shrug. In January I can apply for Canadian citizenship. does anybody steal elections up here?

Man- I consider myself too honest to put up with that nonsense.... but what can I do?

(inserting finger between lips and moving finger up and down rapidly) blu buh buh buh buh buh buh buhbuh .....)

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Sunday, November 5th 2006

4:15 AM


  • Mood: semi-painful
  • Music: The Mummer's Song- Loreena McKennitt
  • Weather: Dark and cold
  • Brain Storms: A friend said we should thank the universe that my medical problems are over-
Let's see- It's Sunday, the 5th of November, 2006.

I just took (a little while ago) a pain pill on top of the anti-inflamatory. Yes, I am still dealing with the kidney stone(s?). I thought I would end up in the emergency room before daybreak, guess not. and I really don't like pain pills of any kind, but i guess I just decided they're necessary now and then.

Today is the 11th anniversary of a very sad day for my family.

And Last Thursday I had 3 teeth removed and a denture put in to replace them. (the anti-inflamatory that I took for the first time in a couple weeks the night before the extractions are probably the reason it took longer than expected for the blood to stop flowing from the unexpected  tooth- the two that they thought would be a problem weren't) -eh, so anyway, the denture apparently kept the pain to a minimum. (Yay) at least until the sticker shock set in from looking at my credit card bill. (Yikes-)

And the verdict just came in from Iraq- Saddam Hussein has been found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging. I have loads of qualms about what this might lead to.

And I've been listening to tonight's Coast to Coast AM program / interview with a doctor who has removed alien implants from abduction victims. He described something he removed from someone's toe, where it was causing pain, and said they had measured a radio frequency broadcast from the thing before they removed it- broadcast on a frequency of something like 30.01.... MHz, which somebody else described as a frequency reserved for US Government stuff.

Hmmmm- I'm remembering one person interviewed on Coast to Coast saying that any 'alien abductions' described as painful and frightening are probably conducted by a unit of (US) 'rogue black ops' operatives who want to create an atmosphere of fear to insure future obscene funding of their black ops agenda- the person said that he was told in 1947 that when the cold war ended, there would be a terrorist threat to justify the obscene budget of the military industrial bad guys- and when the people of the US would no longer fall for the nonsense about terrorists, the next ultimate threat would be nasty little green (or grey?) men from outer space. Of course, we should all take everything with several grains of salt, and then doubt the effectiveness of the salt- I mean, why  salt? why not a spoonful of sugar or  a bite of chocolate?

shrug- Lets hope I feel like saying else, hopefully much more positive- before the weekend-

And Hey- Thanks Captain Canuck for all the good wishes and encouraging messages-

I gotta tell ya, the first time I saw the Canadian flag flying on Canadian soil just north of Niagara Falls (where I had just met Cathi in person after talking to her on IM and over the phone) I felt a lot more positive thrill than I ever had felt seeing the US flag flying anywhere. Should I not mention that in writing anywhere? Probably-

Oh, And I have written about 6, 051 words on my nanowrimo project for this month and grabbed a widget from them which says I'm 160 words behind the pace - (snarrr?)

anyway- good night / good morning / good something...


.....Jim / TaleRocker
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Tuesday, October 24th 2006

3:56 AM

Uhhh- Ummm- ???

  • Mood: Hurtin'-
  • Music: All you zombies in high places....
  • Weather: Chilly, 1˚C / 33˚F
  • Brain Storms: oh gee, I had one.... lost it....
Sigh, well, let's see

I promised myself I wouldn't have a 'symptom of the day' blog.

so I haven't posted much lately.

But here we are-

Ache ache ache-

Xrays Friday to check on progress of 9 mm kidney stone- 

Then, hopefully, more better news coming- 

NaNoWriMo coming up too- write yourself a 50,000 word exercise to win.... yay 

Both Cathi and I have participated and 'won' twice each in the last two years.

and so for now, good night-

-----Jim / T-R
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Sunday, October 8th 2006

11:34 AM

About Time I added something, huh?

  • Mood: Hoping the pain goes away-
  • Music: Terry Hopper's First Album
  • Weather: Clear and bright, 55˚F / 13˚C
  • Brain Storms: The Cats are really happy with the huge box we got them...
Sunday, 08 Oktembre, 2006.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in Canada (and, coincidently, that's where I am,  where we are-) gobble gobble gobble....

Looks like a nice day in Arnprior, quiet so far. Haven't taken any pain pills or 'anti-inflamatories' yet-

We've been to Kanata and Closer in to Ottawa Centre twice in the last couple days. The boy has a bunch of new stuff for his room. But he also has been having a rough, disappointed weekend-

-of course- I might have been more sympathetic if somebody explained why before he started acting out in public..... or if I wasn't already edgy about whether my stupid pain pills would continue to work until we got home.

Oh Well-

Let's see how my alpha waves are doing and whether or not the Theta waves are any stronger.

..... Grin..... T-R
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Saturday, September 30th 2006

3:17 PM


  • Mood: (tick tick tick tick)
  • Music: :) Set the controls for the heart of the sun-
  • Weather: Grey, damp, 59˚F / 15˚C
  • Brain Storms: Mary, I didn't mean to miss your birthday, I'll call you before midnight tonight, I promise-
Saturday, 30 Septembre, 2006.

I'm several days behind in catching up wih messages, both on the blogs here and in real life.

Mary Ellen's birthday was three days ago- She's one of my favourite people on this planet and I haven't managed to wish her a happy birfday.

I haven't called my cousin to see if the ugly forces around him have pushed him into a nasty asthma or anxiety attack-

there's a list of people I should have called. a list of things I shouldda done.

This morning, wiff only about four (? felt like fifteen minutes) hours sleep- I went to check out a local auction to see if they had a shiny new utility trailer I could buy for maybe five dollars (Canadian) and saw what happens when reinicarnated vulture souls take over a junk  yard at 9:30 am on a Saturday in Arnprior. -They're all walking around with canes or evene pushing wheel chairs, they all look like they could drop dead in front of you, and they're all bidding on junk that looks like it will fall apart as they're loading it into/onto their trucks and trailers that don't look like they're in much better shape than the junk they're bidding on. At one point I got the weird feeling that they're all faking their limps and gasping gates in an attempt to make you (me) feel sorry for them, so you won't bid against them (with their vulture-like stares and piercing, creepy eyes) because, they want you to believe, their children will starve if they don't have that piece of junk to sell to some other fool at a slightly inflated price, or maybe they'll just be so angry that you outbid them- that they'll go into a rampage and kill the wife and kids and feed them to their pet alligators or something.


I probably should have disguised the town here, and not mentioned Arnprior, ya think?

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Saturday, September 23rd 2006

7:33 AM

More Dreams-

  • Mood: communicative
  • Music: theme to coast to coast am
  • Weather: damp & grey 12˚C / 54˚F
  • Brain Storms: Felt pretty darned good yesterday
Saturday, 23 September, 2006. New Moon, Equinox, eclipse? & Bruce Springsteen's Birthday-

Went outside just before midnight and did some communing- Clear silent 'voice'  in my head said, "You will be as you once were, but [this time] you will be better." Goofus asked me questions about my past lives as a shaman- or did I remember any of that.

Dreams- I was holding hands with aliens and with the people of he glen. And when I asked if it was the greys or the people of the glen - and then what I felt was like a patter of leaves blowing against my left hand. other than that I did feel long arms and small hands, like the hand was wrapping around one of my fingers.

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